last day of riding for 08/09

well, little late on this one. had my last day of my 08/09 season last saturday in New Zealand. was pretty much the day we were hoping for. weather was amazing, no wind, and the pipe was, uhhh, ok. little undervert and got pretty slushy pretty fast, but it was pretty decent for sure.

With the wind finally dying down, good weather and my ankle finally back to 100% I got around to trying the tricks i was wanting to do. I've been working on several different double corks through last season and this summer. It's how i hurt my ankle in august. Was pretty pumped on being able to do them in the pipe again. So was working on one for abit then the pipe got too slushy so i decided to try some front double cork 10s. i thought the pipe was a little slow but took a few warm up hits, was feeling the wall and went for it. All felt good but i was a little short on the rotation so i tried to jam my front foot in the wall and spin my board around it, but my binding had other ideas. SNAP! day over.So with that my 08/09 season is over.
09/10 coming up in a few weeks!