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early season splitboarding.

getting the legs warmed up for the season up in the mountains above squamish.
fun couple of days splitboarding with maelle ricker, rob fagan and my girl kimmie.
whistler just got a few more feet of snow this week. get out there and enjoy!

justin lamoureux - early season splitboarding from justin lamoureux on Vimeo.

whistler mountain opening day 2010!

video pretty much says it all.
stoked winter is back!

first day of riding!!!

A few days ago i got a call asking if i wanted to go ride and shoot some stuff on whistler mountain a day before the resort opens for the season. With a big storm bearing down on us, it was a YES from me. That storm gave us 30cm yesterday, and today we got to ride.
Our crew consisted of Mike Douglas, Malle Ricker, Paul Morrison shooting photos, his son Ian, Lesley Anthony, a few video guys, Ryan and Steve from Whistler's marketing department and myself.
nov 18, 2010. paul morrison photo.

We got an early start to the day as we only had the "morning" to get some shots and a few laps down to green chair.
After last year's epic opening, as we went up the gondola, it was a tough pill to swallow seeing trees and rocks sticking up the lower portion of the mountain. But, once we got a little higher things started looking much more filled in and way deeper!

We spent the morning shooting and riding roundhouse roll and a few trails down to green chair. Not the steepest terrain but soo fun to get back on the board and enjoy some powder. We were actually only allowed on a few trails. They do save the better steeper trails for opening day. There's some really deep pockets up there and we all had some really good turns. the whole crew was so happy to be riding.

Being early season it's really easy to get carried away and jump and ride where you shouldn't. usually I'm really conscious of that and my first few turns really made me remember. Our first run we setup for a few turn shots and i got a little carried away. After literally my first 2 turns of the year, I ollied a few little trees off a roller and launched. DUMB! i dropped right into this steeper zone (which in full winter would have been fine) and right into a bunch of little trees and rocks and was lucky enough to be able to find a landing and ride through them all down to the cat track. I laughed pretty hard, but i could have ended my season right there.

If you get up there this weekend, enjoy the snow. there's some deep turns to be had just remember it's 'low tide' in the mountains right now so take it easy. plenty more snow to come.
Winter's on!

couple more shots from today at whistler blackcomb's facebook page...!/album.php?...

1080 wood

i've been spending a lot of time camping and surfing lately and haven't been in front of my computer too much so the blog has taken a bit of a hit. I'll have some adventures back up soon as snow is starting creep down the local mountains!
but in the meantime please check out my side project called '1080 wood'.!/pages/Squ...

i'll be back soon. there's swell in the ocean!

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