Blog: August 2011


well at least a little bit of summer. It's been pretty cool in Squamish all summer. Big news for me is got married a few weeks ago. Ceremony on the lake, I came in on a canoe and kimmie and I left on it as well. Awesome.

That's been keeping me busy getting ready for that. A few days at Camp of Champions on blackcomb, which is always super fun. Lots of biking, climbing and skateboarding. and a fair bit woodworking. Trying to start up 1080 Wood. couple random photos below from a few of this summer's projects.

and now packing for another new zealand snow and surf trip. 2 days and counting and lots to do.



quick sign i whipped up to find the wedding.

cedar surfboard towel racks

Walnut coffee table with wedged tenons and maple butterfly keys

walnut and birds eye maple boxes and picture frame

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