Blog: November 2011

Snowboarder photo annual.

Snowboarder magazine just put out their Photo Annual, and as always amazing photos throughout the magazine.
I'm very happy to amongst its pages this year. Thanks to Snowboarder for running the photo and a big thanks for Matt Domanski for snapping the shot. Stoked!
I'll try and get a better scan of it later this week.



testing a new camera, skins and taking the splitboard for another glorious day.

Winter's Back!!

My favorite time of year is back! We've had some good days splitboarding lately. It's still snowing and getting deeper by the day.
Welcome back winter!!

new season about to begin

first line of the year

i love the view of my splitboard punching a new trail

not happy at all.

this outhouse got buried last year. hoping for a repeat.

myslef, my wife kimmie, Leanne Pelosi and jeff keenan.

kim cracking an ollie

Jeff Keanan. popping through the trees.

me with a natural spinner

Leanne and myself. 'testing' our k2 splitboards.

kimmie getting her turns in

face shots!


dakine poacher pack and k2 panoramic splitboard. my favorite gear.

Rob Fagan playing.

heading home at sunset

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