Blog: July 2010

summertime shredding

just got back from mt hood last night. super fun trip. Was hanging out with Jj thomas, luke wynen and the ISTC crew from colorado. I was down there for a week and got to sample pretty much all that hood has to offer. Windell's camp had an airbag setup at the bottom of their pipe. So i'd generally start the day off over there trying some new stuff, then head over to high cascade's awesome setup for some pipe and park laps for the rest of the day. We had a week of bluebird sunny days, but a few those were pretty windy.
Since we were staying down the hill in welches, and close to windell's camp, we'd head over to their campus for some nighttime skating and tramp sessions in B.O.B. (foam pit!) and the cement park. so much fun. awesome times. thanks to both camps for letting me shred. It's pretty much a 17 year old's dream down there. or a 17 year old trapped in a 33 year old's body...

short head cam video from one of the windy days. i wanted to get some more runs but the battery ran out in my go pro..

climate project summit in nashville

a few weeks ago i was able to attend Al gore's Climate project conference in nashville Tennessee, to learn how to present his new slideshow ""Our choice".
you can check my trip on snowboard canada magazine's site at:

also in the same vein there's an interview with me being eco-conscious on


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