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NZ part 3- waves and caves

Pretty much every year I'm in New Zealand I make my way up to Raglan on the north Island. It's one of my favorite places to go surfing. If you surf, you should probably go sometime in your life and get some of the longest waves of your life. 3 awesome point breaks lined up one after the other. But there's not always waves and there's not always good weather to snowboard, so here's some surf photos and some of cruising around New Zealand.

This is why I go to Raglan. Indicators going off at low tide.

Life is a little different in New Zealand.

Tried to go caving at Waitomo caves last year but they were flooded out. Not this year. Into the abyss!

Down the Tomo. 30 feet down from the previous photo and after a pretty tight pich, this is what you're rappelling down.

Our guide challenged us to boulder around the this pond with claims of no customer ever making it. While a little slick, the bouldering in Squamish is tougher.


cave life.

When I arrive in Christchurch every year and make my way down to Wanaka, I'm always looking for this wave to work. A few hours off the plane and I'm paddling out into an overhead solo session at Magnet Bay, with only sheep to keep me company.

making the trek to Milford Sound on a day off from snowboarding.

Great scenery with great company.

Milford Sound.

Mitre peak in milford sound.

I know what you did last summer!

Supposedly the trout fishing is amazing in New Zealand. With creek water this clear it seems like cheating.

The Kea. It's an alpine parrot, famous for ripping apart cars at Treble Cone. Very curious birds and have an amazing orange patch under their wings.

My Raglan slashing. Point and shoot cameras are a little tough to shoot surfing with.

I'm in that Barrel somewhere!

Waiting for the 'Valley' section on indicators to wall up and start racing.

Raglan golf course. The sheep are a lot tougher to hit than you think.

The area around Rotorua is famous for hot springs and thermal zones. This little guy is spitting out sulphur and is hot enough to cook your hand

kimmies in the mist.

The world's best natural hot spring. Waterfall, perfect temperature, perfect depth.
It's amazing and this photo does it zero justice since we went at night.

I'm out of NZ! awesome trip!

NZ part 3: waves and caves

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