happy new year!

wow. 2010. Christmas was sweet. hung out at my parents in quebec, played some hockey, went sledding and took our canoe out for an ice breaking mission on the lake (which is pretty scary; falling in not much of an option). headed home to squamish after xmas, day in blackcomb park (it's awesome; especially for dec) some splitboarding, pow riding on whistler and a solo splitboard exploring mission that took a wrong turn and ended with me almost jumping out of my car!
We just got down to mammoth mountain in california for the US grand prix. We've been here for 2 days and on our first day here we had 2 surprises waiting for us. Pipe wasn't open and the contest starts a day earlier! so we effectively lost 2 days of training. Today's one day of training had one really good wall and one undervert wall which isn't the sweetest combo. But Billy (the pipe cutter) is aware of the problem and will hopefully get it cut perfect for the comp tomorrow.
I gotta go grab my boards and get them setup for tomorrow. more to come and maybe another video if i get around to it here.