solo splitboarding

one of my favorite things to do on a snowboard is check out new spots, especially at home. There's a lot of zones around whistler that can only be accessed by foot, so some days i cruise out by myself and get up there to see what's to be had.
yesterday was one of those days. Sounded like a mellow hike up to this zone. It turned into a really good slog. about 5 miles worth of breaking trail in 80cm of snow, losing the trail a few times, making my way around a maze of an unfrozen creek and dodging terrain traps through steep tight trees. I ended up being on the move for 8 hours straight. little bit more than i thought it would be, but scoped some new stuff and rode the most perfect tree line ever. can't wait to get back up there.

taking my board for a walk in the woods

big cedars

mushroom pillow or buried hut?

if you want in, start digging.

future objectives

creek maze

perfection! and a couple thousand feet of it.