home from NZ and off again

Back at home and getting ready for a surf road trip down to ventura, california for a friend's wedding.
here's a photo rundown of my last month in NZ, where i was mostly in raglan looking for waves.

kayaking on lake wanaka

damon haylor and myself at treble cone. enjoying my birthday powder day

the aussies crew at TC. Chumpy, nate johnstone and damon

scott gaffney at bridal veil falls, near raglan.

some random wave that you can't really get to..

hot springs!

rock that kinda looks like brain

the champagne pool. very hot! some guy decided to ignore the many warning signs, walk over the fence and dip his hand in. His yelp of pain was pretty funny.

care for a swim? it's the minerals in the springs that make the color

molten hot mud.

sweet hot creek

manu bay in raglan doing it's thing.

sometimes the surf sucks and you need to go exploring. however, we didn't think about this possibility!


scott and myself checking out the waitomo caves

random hole in the cave

cave ribbons.

giant fern tree

natural bridge

random cave

small dunes around Kawhia.

manu bay on a 30 foot swell and 40 knot onshores! the story of my last week in raglan. normally you just see the wave breaking in front of that car from this angle.

whale bay and indicators (further point) on that same 30 foot storm. look where the waves are in comparison to the last photo which is head and a half!

the coromandel is beautiful.

the reason i spent 3 weeks in raglan! indicators going off.