more pow!

wow. another good november in whistler. just shy of 3m of snow in the last few weeks.
We've had some great splitboard days and really good pow days on whistler. Peak chair opened today (which i missed), but during the early season we're allowed to hike peak and harmony, when the avalanche conditions are ok. Our last hike up was just a few days ago and it was epic up there. My girlfriend and i met up with the snowboard canada guys and did a few laps. We hit west cirque, west ridge and frog hollow. Fresh tracks all the way down. I'm sure today was super fun on peak. Kinda bummed i missed doing easy laps on peak, but i'm sure i'll get some later in the year.
I came down to colorado yesterday to start getting ready for the US grand prix and the dew tour. We were riding at Copper today and the pipe is pretty good. light and wind were kinda suspect today but pretty fun to be riding a nice pipe again.
Hopefully I'll get some pipe footage up but in the meantime you can check out a short video from this past sunday. yup, it's more powder riding.
hmm for some reason the video seems to be cut off on my blog. check it out at: